Hancock Return Address Stamp

Hancock Return Address Stamp


Stamp Options

No two orders are the same, this font offers a wide range of beautiful options for name. We choose the best options for you, to ensure maximum satisfaction!

Stamp color is black.

TEXT WILL BE TYPESET AS SAMPLE SHOWS, unless otherwise specified.

Abbreviations of Road, Street, Avenue, States, etc. may happen because of space on the stamp. Top names may be stacked for better alignment. This design is unique with each name. As with all fonts, some names work better than others. When in doubt... order a proof!

(Hancock is not recommended for lengthy last names)

*Flourishes on characters may vary, each letter and name are different.

Replacement Stamp Design = Rubber stamp replacement, DOES NOT include Self-Inking Stamp body or acrylic block Hand Stamp. A Single Color Black ink pad is included with all Stamp Die purchases.